Eliseo Gabriel

Is affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The longer a child with autism goes without help, the harder it is to reach him. He is 6 years old and there is no possibility of any therapy…Help him, before it’ s too late.
Eliseo gabriel autism spectrum disorder

About Eliseo Gabriel

  • Name: Eliseo Gabriel Encarnacion
  • Adress: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Age: 9 years old (Sept 17th, 2013)
A couple of hours of birth – 17th Sep. 2013

His parents try to get help from the Asociación Dominicana de Rehabilitación, and after more than 10 visits, we were not accepted for bureaucratic procedures.

1 month and 22 days – 10th Nov 2013

Eliseo loves running, playing with water, watching music for children on YouTube, and giving a lot of hugs. Of course, he loves to eat, jump on the bed, and be taken for a walk.

You’ll fall in love with him by looking at his little eyes, whoever wants to can request a video call to his father’s contact below to see it for himself.

eliseo gabriel in uniform

In January 2020, with 6 years he was accepted in a school “Colegio Paraiso” located in La Cienaga, Santo Domingo Oeste…as a way to help him to adapt and to go to classes to serve him as some type of therapy, however, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closing of everything and with only 2 months, he could not return.

Eliseo doesn’t speak, uses disposable diapers, doesn’t know how to use the bathroom, lately he hits himself, he scratches himself so hard that he leaves marks, he can only be calm with his father, if he is with another person who doesn’t understand him he can get upset.

eliseo gabriel playing

He is locked up and can’t talk, he can’t have a normal life and the more he grows up without therapy, the harder it will be for him to do so if he doesn’t get it as soon as possible. He can’t do it without your help.

He has this opportunity to be received in Canada to be helped with the therapy required to have a normal life.

About his Cause

They wrote to several foundations asking for help, but there was no response. Now Joselin Casilla, a compassionate catholic woman living in Montreal, QC, Canada wants to receive Eliseo Gabriel and his parents to offer him the therapy he needs and a better future.

To achieve this, Eliseo’s parents need $26,000 to be able to move to Canada and take the child to therapy. This is what it takes for them to get there and take care of themselves thanks to the way of life in Canada.

You can transform his future with your support, any donation counts. For any offline support, help, or more information about Eliseo Gabriel, video calls him, contact us Here, or contact Carlos Encarnacion in Santo Domingo or Joselin Casilla in Canada using their contact information below.

Thank you very much to take the time to read about him, God bless you ten thousand times.

If you have any other alternative to help Eliseo, please contact:

Contact Us: contact@prayertostjoseph.top

In Quebec, Canada:

Lorena Rodriguez | Mobile (WhatsApp): +1 438-622-2254

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:

Carlos Encarnacion (Eliseo’s Father) | Mobile (WhatsApp): +1 829-638-3330

Thank you very much and God bless you.