Help Transform Eliseos Life For A Brighter Future

He is affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The longer a child with autism goes without help, the harder it is to reach him. He is 6 years old and there is no possibility of any therapy…Help him, before it’ s too late.
Eliseo gabriel autism spectrum disorder

Meet Eliseo Gabriel:

A 9-year-old With A Heart Full of Love but Needs Your Help

Eliseo, a heartfelt young boy of 9, turning 10 this September, has been living his life in the confines of autism. Each day is a challenge, filled with hurdles most of us can’t even begin to imagine. Simple tasks like speaking or even understanding basic hygiene are mountains that Eliseo has yet to climb.

A couple of hours of birth – 17th Sep. 2013

Eliseo’s Joys and Struggles

Eliseo is just like any other child, with dreams and joys but is constrained by the hurdles autism puts in his path. Imagine a child who cannot express himself and even plays with fecal matter without understanding the risks.

Why Immediate Help Is Crucial

Time is not on Eliseo’s side. With each passing moment, the window for effective therapy is closing. If left untreated, it’s unbearable to think what his life will be like at 20 or 30.

Your Impact

Your small donation can make a large difference. It will fund his speech and occupational therapy, and every dollar brings him closer to a dignified life.

You Have the Power to Make a Difference. Act Now.

There are multiple ways you can help Eliseo. Donations can be made online and offline. Each contribution counts, and time is of the essence.

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Carlos Encarnacion (Eliseo’s Father) | Mobile (WhatsApp): +1 829-638-3330

Thank you very much and God bless you.