Novena to St Joseph For a Husband

We pray Novena to St Joseph For a Husband (or Wife) to St. Joseph because He is one of the most important saints in the Catholic Church for being the adoptive father of the Lord Jesus Christ. By assuming such important work during his life, it is taken as an example to follow of father and husband.

st joseph prayer to get a husband

Basic Prayer to Find a Husband or Wife

Beloved father, you know that the deepest desire of my heart is to meet a special person to share my life. I trust the perfect plan for me and I ask to be able to know soon the person that you have prepared me.

Through the power of your Holy Spirit, open my understanding and my heart to be able to recognize my soul mate.

It removes all the obstacles that prevent our happy encounter so that we both find a new sense of fulfillment, joy, and peace. Likewise, give me the grace to know and accept, if you have another plan for my life.

I deliver my past, my present and my future to the merciful heart of your son, Jesus, as well as all my trust. Amen.

It is a simple, but effective prayer that opens the heart to God’s perfect plans, while being asked for that ideal love.

Novena to St Joseph For a Husband

Whoever was the adoptive father of Jesus is now a saint full of many virtues, one of them equates to the power of St. Anthony to grant husband. God chose Joseph in the midst of all the men of the Earth to be the faithful and lasting love of Mary.

Let us not forget that he was a very understanding man because of his culture and his time, he was able to accept Mary’s pregnancy and have faith in his word and that of the angel. Therefore, those who want to find the man or woman indicated by God, pray the ninth to St. Joseph:

My good Saint Joseph, since the good marriages are made in heaven, I ask, in all humility, for the happiness and privilege that you were given to be appointed as the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Help me to find a holy husband (or a holy wife), with whom I can love and serve God and achieve the blessings he gives to families. Amen.

With this prayer, women and men do not ask anyone, but the one who was designed by God to fill their hearts and accompany them on the journey of Life to heaven.

Novena to St Joseph For a Husband for love of both partners

Those who are already married know how hard it is to keep a relationship healthy. So in the moments of tempest or instability, many perform prayers like this during the Novena:

Oh Glorious St. Joseph, to whom it was given the power to make things humanly impossible, bríndame your help in the difficulty in which I find myself. Give him the most favorable solution to my cause. Since everything you can with Jesus and Mary, show me that your kindness is equal to its power.

To Saint Joseph I Cry, father and protector of our family, Impétranos the grace of living and dying in the love of Jesus, grant the restoration of love and a strengthened union. Saint Joseph, pray for us that we appeal to you. Amen!

Those who have had bad experiences in love or do not get to attract someone special, it is advisable to do the Novena to San Jose to get a husband.

There are many testimonies that this act of devotion really works, but it is easy to assume that it all depends on the faith of the believer.

The origin of the Novena to St Joseph For a Husband


Usually the ninth begins on March 10th and ends with the feast of St. Joseph on March 19. Women who wish to obtain an exemplary man flock to this figure with their request.

That’s because Joseph had the privilege of being the husband of Mary and the father of the Redeemer of the world. Even with that great responsibility on his shoulders, he knew how to fill his marriage and his home of genuine and benign love.

On the other hand, those who are already on the altar, but have fears that the marriage will work or not, they also usually pray the Novena to St. Joseph to get a husband.

That a request to God that the man he is going to marry is molded to his image and likeness. It should be taken into account that marriage is a process for learning and growing spiritually, in mutual help.

We share a novena to St. Joseph to get very effective husbands who often go to women who want to find the ideal husband.

Not only do women feel afflicted by not finding their half-orange, but men can also have a bad streak and fail to try to find the love of their lives.

That is why we have this fundamental prayer that can be done during the ninth to St. Joseph, which was recently shared by the Catholic Church.

The church created this prayer to assist all souls afflicted or concerned about not finding their soul mates, it can be done on Valentine’s Day or during the Novena to St. Joseph to get a husband.

Finally, although the St Joseph novena prayer for a good husband is commonly prayed in the days mentioned in March, it can also be done at any time of the year as long as it is not done in vain. As long as the needs and requests are true and sincere, you can do this act of faith.

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