Prayer to St Joseph For a good Husband or Wife

The prayer to St. Joseph for a good husband or wife is a devotion that many Catholics turn to when seeking guidance and intercession in finding a spouse. St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus, is revered as a model of faithfulness and dedication in marriage.

By asking for his intercession and guidance, believers hope to find a spouse who will be loving, supportive, and faithful, and who will work to strengthen and nourish the bonds of marriage. The prayer can be said by anyone seeking a good husband or wife, whether they are single or already married, and seeking guidance in their current relationship.

St. Joseph is one of the most important saints in the Catholic Church for being the adoptive father of the Lord Jesus Christ. By assuming such important work during his life, it is taken as an example to follow of father and husband.

Prayer to St. Joseph For a Good Husband or Wife

Prayer to st Joseph for marriage

Dear St. Joseph,

You were a devoted husband to Mary and a loving foster father to Jesus. You showed us the importance of faithfulness, dedication, and love in marriage. I ask for your intercession and guidance as I seek a good husband or wife.

Please help me find a spouse who will be loving, supportive, and faithful, and who will work with me to strengthen and nourish the bonds of marriage. Help me to be open to the will of God in this important decision and to trust in His plan for my life.

Grant me the grace to be a good and loving partner, and to always seek to grow in holiness and love in my relationships. Help me to be a source of joy and support for my future spouse, and to always put the needs of my family first.

I pray for all those who are seeking a good husband or wife, that they may find the love and support they need in their relationships. I ask for your protection and guidance for all families, that they may be strong and united in love.

In your powerful intercession, I place my trust and ask for your help in finding a good husband (or wife).


prayer to st joseph for a good husband

Prayer to st Joseph for finding a good husband

O praised and blessed St. Joseph, you who have the power to make possible all those things that are impossible for us in this world, I come to you in search of help to ask you to help me find a man of goodness and faith to marry and to be able to form a good family that will serve you and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I come to you, O husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus of Nazareth, you who are the best example of being a good husband and a great father of a family, being loving, dedicated and hard-working, help me find a good husband to live with, the joy of marriage as we lead our lives to the happiness of living in faith in Christ.

You, St. Joseph, an exceptional man and a worker like no other, put in my way a good and hard-working man who earns his daily bread in an honorable way, who is a provider for his family and the pillar that supports it, just as you did with your holy family while you were on this earth.

I beg you to help me find a loving and family man who will always give his family love and affection, who will follow in the footsteps that you followed in this world to be an inspiring father and husband to all, and who will serve our God, who will always be attentive to his family.

I promise, O St. Joseph, that I will be a good woman to him, just as I want him to be a good man to me, I promise on my knees in your presence that I will be a good wife and mother and that together we will be able to form a loving family that will praise and bless you for the rest of our lives.

Before your sacred eyes are reflected my desires that, in holy matrimony, you grant me the pleasant company of a good husband who will serve as a pillar to keep and strengthen my faith in you, for both of us will help us grow spiritually, together we will fulfill each of the laws of our Lord and be faithful to you.

Mighty Saint Joseph, I ask you that my prayers reach your sacred ears, to intercede for me with your great power and help me in this search, you know my intentions and you know that I am a good woman and I come humbly before you to help me and put in my way a partner who is also good, I hope you help me fulfill my hope by praying to you and knowing that your time is perfect and that your wills will always be better than mine.


Novena to St Joseph For a Husband or Wife

In this novena, we will ask the powerful intercession of St. Joseph to find our partner, the special person with whom we will write our story, we will enjoy a family.

St. Joseph’s is known to be very effective, but often quite slow! He’s a very concrete man. So we have to make a precise, very clear request of him, and be faithful and patient!

We will meditate on the virtues of St. Joseph and grow in them. And we will ask for his powerful intercession.

Schedule of the Novena to St. Joseph:

  • First day: STRENGTHENING.
  • Second day: SWEETNESS
  • Third day: SERVICE
  • Fourth day: CHARITY
  • Fifth day: CONFIDENCE
  • Day six: SAME DELIVERY
  • Seventh day: WORK
  • Eighth day: FAITH
  • Day nine: SACRIFICE

Dear Father, You know that the deepest desire of my heart is to meet a special person to share my life. I trust in the perfect plan for me and I pray that I will soon meet the person you have in mind for me.

Through the power of your Holy Spirit, open my understanding and my heart to recognize my soul mate.

Remove all obstacles that prevent our happy meeting, so that we both find a new sense of wholeness, joy, and peace together. In the same way, give me the grace to know and accept, if You have another plan for my life.

I give my past, present, and future to the merciful heart of your son, Jesus, as well as all my trust. Amen


Let us pray that through the intercession of St. Joseph, God will favor the development of a generation of pious people who are not only willing to accept the challenge to be devout spouses and parents but also able to live his mission, to give witness and to share his example with the generations to come!

Thank you for sharing it to Help Others!

I love you, and Our Holy God Bless you!

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