Prayer to St. Joseph for Protection

The following is a simple prayer to St. Joseph for protection, which can be used in times of uncertainty or danger.

Many people turn to St. Joseph for protection and guidance in times of need, and one way to seek his intercession is through prayer. St. Joseph is a beloved saint in the Catholic tradition, known for his devotion to God and his role as the foster father of Jesus.

Prayer to St Joseph for Protection

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O St. Joseph, most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary,
I place myself under your protection and that of your holy family.
Keep me safe from all harm and danger,
And guide me on the path of righteousness and holiness.
I ask for your intercession,
That I may always follow the will of God,
And find peace and joy in His love.


St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor and can bring us strength and protection in times of need. We can turn to him with confidence, knowing that he will hear our prayers and guide us on the path to holiness.

May this prayer to St. Joseph for protection bring you comfort and peace, and may you always feel the presence of God’s love and protection in your life.

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