Prayer to St Joseph Protector of Families

St. Joseph is revered as the patron saint of families and is often invoked in prayer for protection and guidance. His life as a devoted husband to Mary and loving foster father to Jesus serves as a model for strong, faithful family relationships. Many people turn to St. Joseph in times of need, asking for his intercession and support.

prayer to st joseph protector of families
Prayer to st Joseph, protector of families

The Meaning of the Prayer

The prayer to St. Joseph, protector of families, is a way to honor and ask for the help of this beloved saint. It is a way to seek his guidance and protection for one’s own family, as well as to ask for his intercession on behalf of all families. The prayer acknowledges St. Joseph’s role as a strong and faithful husband, father, and protector, and asks for his help in strengthening and preserving the bonds of family.

Prayer to St. Joseph Protector of Families

Glorious Saint Joseph, protector, model, and guide
of Christian families: I beg you to protect mine.

Make the spirit of faith and of
religion, fidelity to the commandments of
God and the Church, peace and the union of
children, the detachment of property
and love of the affairs of heaven.

Deign to watch over all our interests.
Pray the Lord to bless our house.
Give peace to the family, I will give peace to the children
in the state election.

It grants all members of our
family and of all the families on earth, the
grace to live and die in the love of Jesus and
of Mary.


The History of the Prayer

The origins of the prayer to St. Joseph, protector of families, are not definitively known, but it is believed to have been developed over time through the devotions of Catholics who sought the intercession of St. Joseph in their own lives and in the lives of their loved ones. St. Joseph has long been considered a powerful intercessor and has been the subject of many prayers and devotions throughout the history of the Church.

How to Pray the Prayer

There are many versions of the prayer to St. Joseph, protector of families, and individuals may choose to use any version that resonates with them. Some common elements that may be included in the prayer include:

  • A request for St. Joseph’s intercession and protection
  • A request for his guidance and wisdom in raising and protecting one’s own family
  • A request for his help in strengthening the bonds of family and promoting unity and love within the family
  • A gratitude for his example as a devoted husband and father

The prayer may be recited at any time, but it is often said in times of need or as a way to honor St. Joseph on his feast day, which is March 19th. Some people choose to pray the prayer daily or to include it in their regular devotional practices.

Prayer to st Joseph for Protection

St. Joseph, always given to his Holy Family, can end up consenting if each day this prayer is accompanied by an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory to the Father.

Thus, in addition to help, you will be surprised to discover a deeper friendship with St. Joseph and a greater trust in Providence. With humility and discretion, he offered his life to tirelessly seek the best refuge to protect his wife and son.

Just as Mary is our Mother who watches over us, St. Joseph wraps us up with all his paternal attention and, as a father of a family, he wants to guarantee the material balance for all his children on earth.

Here are some very simple words to address St. Joseph and touch his fatherly heart.

The prayer to St. Joseph, protector of families, is a way to ask for the intercession and guidance of this beloved saint. It is a way to honor his role as a devoted husband, father, and protector, and to ask for his help in strengthening and preserving the bonds of family.

Whether said in times of need or as a regular part of one’s devotional practices, the prayer to St. Joseph offers a way to turn to him for support and guidance in all matters related to family life.

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