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Prayer to St. Joseph for Employment

If you’re looking for a Catholic prayer to get a job you applied for, perform this Prayer to St Joseph for employment. Those who suffer or have suffered injustices in the workplace,  pray for themselves or for friends or relatives to St. Joseph, Patron saint of job interviews.

st joseph prayer for employment

Why St. Joseph?

St. Joseph is the patron saint of parents, carpenters, the dying, as well as all workers. In the silent and faithful figure of St. Joseph “the dignity of human work is recognized as the duty and perfection of man, the beneficial exercise of his dominion over creation, the service of the community, the extension of the Creator’s work, the contribution to the plan of salvation” (cf. Conc. Vat. II, Gaudium et Spes, 34).

Pius XII (1955) instituted this liturgical memory in the context of the feast of the workers, universally celebrated on May 1 (Roman Missal).

St Joseph Prayer to get a Job

Saint Joseph of Nazareth, you who ostentate in life, A job that allowed you to support your family, You who worked late only with the conviction of bringing bread To the table of those, you loved from the heart.

I, faithful servant of your actions, come today, To implore you to help me get a decent job. That will allow me to protect mine as you did in life.

Please listen to my prayers as I am in this moment, Homeless without a job to do.

St Joseph Worker Model

Glorious St. Joseph, a model of all that you must work with the sweat of your brow, obtain for me the grace to consider work as expiation, to satisfy so many sins. Make me work in conscience, preferring the faithful fulfillment of my duties to my capricious inclinations; make me work with gratitude and joy, putting all my effort and honor in taking advantage of and developing, through work, all the talents I have received from God.

Send me to work with tranquility, moderation, and patience without being afraid of fatigue and difficulties. Inspire me often with thoughts of death and of the account that I must render of lost time, of wasted talents, or omissions and of all vain complacency in successes obtained, so contrary to the honor of God. All according to your example,

Oh, Patriarch St. Joseph!

St. Joseph’s Prayer for urgent employment

Oh, dear San Jose Obrero, who in life did the will of God through work holding with honest bread the mouth of your son Jesus, opens the doors of commerce, industries so that I can get a job.

Give me strength and courage not to give up on the first “no,” and let every “no” I hear feed my faith to seek a “yes. May I have the disposition of Saint Teresa of Avila, the humility of Saint Francis of Assisi, the strength and perseverance of Saint Anthony.

Guide the lords of power so that the distribution of our country’s goods is fairer, giving work and sufficient wealth to everyone. It protects our families so that they are not overcome by drought, fear, violence, lack of work and gives us renewed hope each Sunday of the resurrection.

Put all your devotion and faith in this prayer to St. Joseph the father of Jesus and no doubt the antecedent will come for you.

My Saint Joseph, the employer of the workers, does not leave me without my daily bread and without the perspective of work to honestly support my family. I promise, that with the money of the salary paid from my future employment, I will help those in need and spread my devotion by myself.

Do this St. Joseph prayer to fix the job and start spreading the news that you are behind a job. Call friends, send résumés and look for contacts. It is very important to make the energy circulate so that your desire is fulfilled. Place all your faith and goodwill in this work, which will surely work out well.

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