Selling a house can in most cases be quite a difficult task, but making this powerful prayer to St Joseph to sell a house, you will be able to sell it fast with the sacred intervention of St. Joseph.

After you have placed the order, such a sale will end up being a totally satisfactory transaction for both parties; seller (you) and the buyer.

prayer to st joseph to sell a house

prayer to st joseph to sell a house

O Mighty St. Joseph,
you, who to our Lord Jesus Christ
you taught the carpentry trade,
giving it all of you,
humbly so that He would learn it correctly,
Listen with that same kindness,
the fervent plea I come to make to you today.

Saint Joseph Beloved, you, who have always been,
with your knowledge and skills
You’ve helped everyone who helped you
have come to ask for housing,
I beg you to help me sell this house.
as soon as possible,
to that being that your merciful heart
you know is the right buyer to own it.

Glorious St. Joseph, I come to you in my tribulation
and I confidently request your patronage,
So that for that love that united you to the Immaculate Virgin,
the mother of God and our mother,
and for the deep love, you professed for the Blessed Child Jesus,
grant me to sell this [house / property],
quickly, easily and profitably
Bringing me a buyer,
that he’s as eager to have it as I am to sell it,
who is a good person, fulfills his deal
and protect both of us so that nothing prevents
the quick conclusion of the sale.

Dear St. Joseph,
I promise before our beloved Lord Jesus Christ
the sale of this (house/property) has been completed
why I come to you to ask for your favors,
you will receive my gratitude eternally
and I will forever carry your sweet name on my lips
wherever I go,
proclaiming your kind help sought.

Clean well the house or property you need to sell promptly, place in any part of it you like, an image of St. Joseph, and pray in front of it with much faith for 5 days in a row (or until you make the sale), the miraculous prayer to St Joseph to Sell a house, pronouncing every word of it as well as with your lips, with all that desire of your being to sell it.

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I love you, and Our Holy God Bless you!


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